What is emoj.es?

emoj.es is a simple way to send huge emoji to your friends.

  1. Enter your emoji and an optional message below
  2. Click "Encode!"
  3. Copy the generated URL
  4. Send it to your friends in iMessage, Slack, Twitter, or more!

When your friend receives the message, the "preview" will be huge!


Wait, really?

Yes! Really! That's all this does!

The URL doesn't seem special... 🤔

Good eye! The URL is simply /[your emoji]/[your message].

So you don't even need to come here to generate it!

Some emoji don't seem to work

Slack and some other apps sometimes need you to encode your URLs.

For example, iMessage thinks http://emoj.es/😎/ is two URLs.

Just come here, fill out the form above, and get the encoded URL!

Go make some huge emoji!